4 Steps to Using Real Estate Social Marketing to Your Advantage

How have you been using real estate social marketing to your advantage? I’ve personally found that it’s far too easy to get caught up in all the hype of the cool functionality and features that each platform offers, without ever using them to their full potential.

In another sense, I think that these tools can also become a huge distraction. When agents or brokers start to look at these sites as the end all be all to their marketing campaign, they may be extremely disappointed when things don’t pan out as expected.

There are definitely right ways and wrong ways to use social media for your real estate business. For those who want to implement these tools as a part of their real estate marketing plan, it’s important to keep several points in mind.


  • First of all, the idea is not to just drive traffic to your social media sites. Your number one goal should be to capture leads and entice visitors to visit again in the future. These websites provide a perfect opportunity to build rapport, offer great information, and get people real estate social media post ideas  interacting with you and one another. Therefore, use the bells and whistles to your advantage, and focus on what’s most important-capturing their contact information.
  • Along with the first point, it is crucial that you build a quality profile/landing page that tells your audience exactly who you are, what you can offer them, and how to get it. Include links to your main real estate marketing blog, lead capture elements and free reports. Again, do this with a specific purpose in mind. Your visitors don’t need 5 videos and 3 different offers to choose from, so keep things targeted and non confusing.
  • For sites like Twitter, it’s important to offer your audience variety. So instead of posting dozens of messages that just link back to your blog every time you update it, try throwing in some motivational quotes, links to new sources or something funny. Don’t be robotic about this stuff. Be human and show people that you are a valuable resource. I bet your followers will skyrocket with this real estate marketing tip alone.
  • What’s the first thing you think of when I mention social media? More than likely one or all of these top 3 platforms immediately came to mind: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and not just because I mentioned Twitter above). But as powerful as these 3 sources are, there are many others sites to choose from. For example, you could visit sites likes those mentioned at . That gives you a sampling of what else is available, not to mention social blogging or bookmarking platforms as real estate social media post ideas.


Learn how to be social. This is the era we live in and by following these real estate social marketing tactics above, you will be able to really start harnessing the power behind social networking.

Jeff Logue is a full time internet marketer and lead generation specialist who assists agents and brokers nationwide with improving their online marketing efforts.


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