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Creating the content of your website is not as easy as you imagine, but it is not impossible either. What you have to keep in mind is that it must be original, both in the titles, headings and descriptions of the products. It should be noted that there are times when it is inevitable to duplicate it, for example, when you place the manufacturer’s dofollow review. But, as much as possible, you have to try not to repeat it, since search engines track them and can penalize your business. What is advised is that you make your own texts so that they are unique but if you have to use duplicate content, you can choose to configure 301 redirect or no-index controls.Another mistake they often make is not putting a description of the products they want to sell. This affects the shopping experience of users by not knowing the characteristics of the item. Also, it directly damages the positioning of your page by search engines.

Lacking a descriptive text, you are probably not at the top of the search engine. Here the first three points above are important, which will be of great help for you to review what your e-commerce offers. Remember that the user expects to get all the relevant information about what they want to buy.Some overlook the security of their websites, and this flaw makes them vulnerable to cybercriminals. Online fraud is becoming more common and this shows that few are interested in this aspect. Those starting out in e-commerce often skip SSL encryption and other measures just to save money.

All this can cause great economic losses, as well as data theft or identity theft. And it is evident that this directly damages eCommerce. To avoid falling into this gap, the idea is for you to use SSL and HTTPS security encryption for your business.Users immediately feel confident when they see an SSL certificate in the address bar of the website. First, you demonstrate to people that they can shop safely. And second, Google gives priority to sites that have such certificates.

You can opt for an EV SSL security certificate since this is one of the most efficient against online piracy. This protects from unauthorized access, and the user feels more secure seeing a green padlock symbol and HTTPS of the same color.Among the SEO errors in eCommerce, you can find a very common one that is usually ignored. This is the loading speed. If it is not fast, the user experience will suffer. According to a study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Akamai: ” 52% of online shoppers indicated that fast page load is important to build loyalty to a website.”

They also revealed that 79% of online shoppers who experience an unsatisfactory visit will probably not buy from that site again. While 64% would make the decision to make their purchase in another online store. It should be noted that 73% of mobile consumers experience a charging speed of up to 10 seconds.Clearly, this directly affects sales and results in a decrease in customer satisfaction. But not only that, since it also worsens web positioning and all this would lead to the loss of customer loyalty. For this reason, it is essential to improve the speed to make the page load in less than 3 seconds.

Many eCommerce owners are unaware of the importance of online customer feedback. These serve to increase the ranking in the search engines, and this, in turn, generates more sales. Also, this is a factor that can motivate other users to make a purchase.Therefore, it is a great mistake not to take into account the option to include product reviews. Something that produces distrust in the people who visit your page.These online reviews may be duplicated as original user-generated content. But best of all, this will come in handy for optimizing search engine rankings organically.

To do this, all you have to do is give consumers the ability to comment, view ratings, and reviews. The latter you can request from your customers in an ethical way, avoiding unwanted email messages at all costs. As well as mandatory publications that can end up being negative.Perhaps most people make this kind of mistake since it is logical that they want to show their products with high-quality images. What they forget is that this type of graphic elements are usually very heavy and this affects the loading speed. And as you have already seen, that aspect is decisive for the customer to make the decision to buy.

However, this is easy to avoid, just watch out for images over 100kb. You can also choose to use several but with average quality. This, in turn, will help you show the user more details of the product you want to purchase and thus reduce the anxiety generated by buying online.These are just some of the most common SEO mistakes in eCommerce. Now you have to work to get a suitable online store free of them. Just follow the recommendations presented and you will start to see the results.

Doing SEO in the right & wrong way is only relay upon the knowledge and skills of professionals. What is the right way for doing SEO? Maybe, a countless diverse range of thoughts comes in every person’s mind. Every person has a different mindset to do things. In recent years, we see contemporary changes and updates in the way of doing Search Engine Optimization but the debate is always become a point of concern in experts to adopt any particular approach of SEO. Here we have 6 Imperative Approaches for Doing SEO in a Right Way. Let’s take a look one by one to understand each one comprehensively.

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