Armour Rings – Transforming Standard Nuts Into Security Nuts

Security fasteners are a superb way of ensuring property is not removed or tampered with. For those that consider the threats posed by the less savoury members of the public prior to installing any item, security fixings are proven to be an extremely cost effective way of securing property to prevent both burglary or vandalism. However, not every one is blessed with this level of forethought or indeed hindsight! socket head cap screws

Many installers may not consider whether a park bench or skate board ramp will be tampered with at the time of installation. For these installers that have initially used standard nuts or botls to affix either of these two items, they may well believe the only answer is to disassemble and re-secure the item with suitable security fixings like tri-head nuts or oval pan nuts.

However, there is now a far less labour intensive way of securing bolts or nuts down without the need to replace existing fixings. Armour rings can be bought to effectively ‘retro-fit’ existing standard nuts/bolts to make them both secure and tamper-resistant. Simple to affix, the Armour ring is just placed over the top of the nut or botl and evenly hammered down (tools are also available to ensure this is done evenly). With the existing fixing biting into the conical-shaped armour ring, the standard fixing is instantly converted into a one way security nut that is almost impossible to remove or tamper with.

In recent times many Councils have insisted that outdoor equipment and, to a lesser extent, indoor equipment is protected. After all, using the above example, removing the fixings from a skate board ramp but leaving the structure in place can present all kinds of health and safety hazards. By retro fitting existing structures or products in this way, councils and private organisations can save themselves an awful lot of time and additional cost.



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