This problem can occur due to many reasons such as due to incorrect settings of Bluetooth, corrupted drivers, faulty Bluetooth module in the laptop, etc.


Perform the below steps to resolve the issue.

1. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on notebook and bluetooth devices.

Notebooks have a wireless switch and you may have to switch it on for the Bluetooth to function in your system and make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled in the notebook, to enable it, right click on Bluetooth icon in desktop and select Enable. If the icon is not available in taskbar and you can find the icon over there. If you don’t find any Bluetooth icon even in Control Panel, then Bluetooth might be running from some another application, like HP has HP wireless Assistant where the settings of both wireless connection and Bluetooth are configured and you can turn on Bluetooth from this. Check if Bluetooth is running from such application. You can also find the Bluetooth connection from Network Connections.

After enabling the Bluetooth check if it is enabled even in Device Manager.

If it is not enabled in Device Manager, then enable it. To enable Bluetooth from Device manager, click on start and select Run. Type devmgmt.msc and click on OK to open Device Manager.

Click on “+” sign next to Bluetooth Devices and enable it by right clicking on the Bluetooth module or device. If Bluetooth is already, you might notice that the Bluetooth icon would be blue in color and appears in red when it is disabled.

2. After enabling Bluetooth in both devices, make sure that these devices are in discoverable mode and if the devices are not discoverable, then connect your Bluetooth device to any other Bluetooth device other than laptop with which you are experiencing the problem and check if the device works fine with other Bluetooth device. If the Bluetooth device that you are trying to connect to the laptop does not work even with other Bluetooth devices then the problem might be with the Bluetooth device and not the laptop.

If there are no issues with the Bluetooth device then check with the Bluetooth software in laptop as we may experience the issue even if the software is corrupted. Check the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Just check now if you are able to connect to the Bluetooth device without any problem.

If the issue persists, then perform System Restore in the notebook and restore the notebook to an earlier time when the notebook was working fine and had no issues. Check if the issue is resolved now, if not you may try removing and reseating the Bluetooth module if possible as this can be done only in some laptop models.

To remove and reseat the Bluetooth module you can follow the steps in the service manuals of your laptop that are available in your notebook support website. If this cannot be done in your laptop, please contact your notebook support once since the issue might be with the Bluetooth module which does not work or fails to make network connection with the other device.

If the devices are discoverable, then pair the devices.

3. We will have to enter the pass key for Bluetooth device and use the same key in the computer to pair each of these devices. If you are unable to pair them, be sure that the you are using the same pass key on both notebook and Bluetooth device and also ensure that the pass key you are using is the right one.

Now after the devices are paired up try to send a file between from the device to the notebook.

If this does not work, move the devices closer (within 1-5 meter bluetooth module  range).

Please do not make many connections with Bluetooth device while you are connecting or transferring a file to the notebook as the bandwidth of Bluetooth has a limit and might fail to support multiple connections at the same time and also disconnect your Bluetooth headset while connecting.

Check for the issue now, if not resolved then try with a new connection by canceling the previous connection. If the issue is still not resolved, proceed with the below steps. The issue could be even due to the corrupted drivers, therefore reinstall the Bluetooth drivers.

4. Reinstall the Bluetooth drivers

Go to Device Manager and click on “+” sign next to Bluetooth Devices. Select Bluetooth module and right click on it and click on Uninstall to uninstall the drivers. You can reinstall the drivers from the website of your notebook support and check if Bluetooth works. If this does not resolve the issue, try by reinstalling even the other Bluetooth module that might be present in Bluetooth Devices in Device Manager.

Some notebook manufacturers provide diagnostic tools that are used to test this kind of issues and give the result as pass or fail. Dell has this diagnostic test for certain models for testing the Bluetooth functionality of dell laptop. You can check for this diagnostics for Bluetooth in notebook from your laptop support website.

If the issue still persists, perform System Recovery which may fix the issue.
Before performing System Recovery, take the backup of your hard disk as your notebook will be restored to factory settings.

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