What Is Contextual Targeting, in the Context of Ads?

Online shopping has emerged as a popular phenomenon over the past couple of decades. E-Commerce businesses are reaching their peak as a huge number of Internet users are now are more inclined towards buying online rather than going out for shopping. And, of course, it is way more handy. One can easily get things delivered at their doorstep instead dofollow backlinks of having to travel miles to buy something from the store. Other than the element of convenience, online stores give a real life experience to the users. From promotional offers, deals, to whooping discounts, they do almost everything that is being done on conventional stores. And the best part is that, there will be no sales people trying to influence your decision and telling you what to buy. You can do your own online research and find out what is best for you. The web provides tons of information about the product and there are many sites that let you compare two or more products before you make up your mind to make the purchase.

The internet offers an unmatchable variety and range of products. A huge number of big and small retailers have opened up an online outlet that can be accessed from anywhere. So the user now gets more options to choose from.

In the past few years a newer dimension of online shopping has been explored. This online shopping trend is taking a major turn and moving towards smart phones from desktop computers. As smart phones provide uninterrupted Internet accessibility, users prefer to make purchase via their mobile device. And iPhone being the most popular smart phone brand with millions of iPhone users across the globe, many businesses are developing apps for this platform.

There are a few good online shopping apps available on iPhone but they are all focused towards the retailers. Recently, an application is being launched on the app store known as Kazoolee. What sets this app apart from every other online shopping app is the fact that it is based on the concept of Contextual Intelligence. It automatically locates the potential buyers and sellers in a defined radius. All one needs to do is to upload a picture of the product with price tag and leave the rest to Kazoolee.

Every user maintains a Wish List (List of things you wish to buy) and a Got List (List of things you have and wish to sell) with Kazoolee. The program keeps running trying to find matches for both the lists and keeps suggesting users where to find what they want and how to get it. It will tell you if the person sitting next to you has something to offer that you want. It’s an amazing iPhone App that every user must have!

Internet, nowadays, is so heavily crowded with Advertisements that it has started somehow to annoy the users. These ads are hardly relevant and the user has to pay to get rid of them. Regardless of the fact that it’s a social forum or search engine, advertizing is everywhere. Everyone is trying to sell you something, either you need it or not.There have been attempts to refine the advertizing practices in the recent years. The concept of business intelligence has been introduced to make life easier for the users. It creates a virtual profile for every user that contains information like their browsing practices, search history and product preferences. This also makes it easier for the companies to target the right audience and they could limit their marketing effort.

Now that was helping the corporations to get better results for their advertisement but the audience was still not too happy with it. It had not helped the users as much as it had promised to. They were still bombarded by ads. The only difference was that the users who actually wanted something had fewer alternatives to pick from. But those with no real need for that item or service were also shown the ads.Since the popularity of social media and networking sites grew, it became easier to track the user’s personal details via their interactions and activities on these social sites. They do a better job at finding out people’s preferences because they analyze the entire social context while profiling the user and it keeps on updating itself. Now the concern this social relevance operating model raises is of the users’ privacy.

People are concerned because their personal information is being used by corporations. Although this has made the decision making process much easier for the individuals there still was a need of system that would increase the relevance without raising any privacy concerns.That phenomenon is known Contextual Intelligence. It links up the offer with the need perfectly. In other words it empowers the user to filter the information as per their need. For example there is this iPhone App based on the principle of Contextual Intelligence which allows the users to create a Got-List (A list of products or services they have and are willing to offer to whoever may want them) and a Wish-List (A list of things they want). The app helps in matching these lists uploaded by the users and involuntarily informs them if the person sitting next to them has something to offer that they might want. The App is known as Kazoolee and every iPhone users must try it!

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