Diesel Fuel Prices Going Up, Fleet Management Needed If You Want Savings

Diesel fuel prices are going higher because the DOE told us so last week. As fleet fueling costs increase if you don’t have fuel management systems in place, your fleet companies operations cost will increase as well. Does your staff or fleet manager have a plan? They should.

A few days after the DOE said diesel fuel prices were going higher, your oil friends and mine, OPEC raised the 2011 oil demand forecast. Just a month earlier OPEC had said growth would be slow and they though $70-$80 a barrel for oil (makes diesel fuel prices around $2.95 a gallon) would be the right price for producers and consumers. Let’s fast forward less than one month and maybe this can be considered bandwagon jumping but OPEC now says the economy is growing much fast than they thought. Common sense would say no problem; they will produce more oil to keep your fleet fueling prices around $2.95 a gallon.

Well the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries doesn’t think common sense as much as they think with how much money they can make. They now say the price of a barrel in the $90’s (diesel fuel prices $3.30 a gallon) won’t hurt the global economy recovery. My guess is these guys don’t own any fleet companies. Will $3.30 diesel fuel prices hurt the economy? I don’t know. As we have been below $3.00 a gallon for fleet fueling we haven’t been doing well, so I am not sure by adding 30 plus cents a gallon will make life easier.

Here is where you as a CFO, Director, Fleet Manager must really put the screws to your fleet management. It should all be fresh in our heads when diesel fuel prices hit almost $5.00 a gallon and I don’t think we are going anywhere near that high but that is not in anyone who is reading this articles control. Your fuel management team needs to be proactive now to achieve controls on your fueling program. I am sure since it was $5.00 a gallon, some if not all fleet companies got a little complacent with its fleet management programs. You recall:

• Lowering speeds to 62 mpg
• Checking air tire pressure
• Proper preventive maintenance schedule
• Reduce idle time
• Air deflectors
• Driver behavior (fast starts, hard stops), progressive shifting

These are just a few of the many fuel savings programs you all put in place 2 ½ years ago. As a fuel management company, I strongly recommend that you make sure that these and other fleet management solutions that you put in place are in place or if you never found the time to do it 2 ½ years ago do it now.

What else can you do to help your fuel How Small Fleets can Benefit from Automating Processes management with climbing diesel fuel prices so that they don’t hurt your fleet companies bottom line? I would talk to my fuel companies about pricing. You should review with your staff and fleet managers on your fuel surcharge program. Being ahead of the curve in thinking about things that can affect your fleet management and bottom line is not a bad thing.

You should review your whole fuel management system, from a fuel analysis on how you are fueling now. Review your fuel card or fleet card programs. Determine if having mobile fueling is providing you the overall cost saving you thought it would or is mobile fueling just costing you more. How much are you paying for diesel fuel additives? Should you have diesel fuel additives if so when?

Every company reading this article runs a different operation. It is up to you, to take action with you fleet management programs at $3.11 for diesel and not wait until it’s over $3.30. We realize limited staff, limited time, limited resources but you don’t want your company to have limited money. Fuel cards, truck stops, fleet cards, mobile fueling, fuel companies want you as a customer. Talk to them. No time talk to a fuel management or fleet fueling consultant, they can help you gain time navigate through what fuel card or fleet card works best for your company or is mobile fueling a solution. How do my bulk diesel fuel prices rank against other fleet companies you ask or my fuel inventory management might not be as good as it should. Put a plan in place. It doesn’t get easier when fleet fueling prices get higher

Fuel management is a living breathing function of your business. It will never go away just like diesel fuel prices will never stay at $2.00 a gallon. If you, your fleet managers or outsourced fuel management firm can help you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You’re on the right path to success.

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