Golf clubs are the key tools of the game. Devoted players show extraordinary emotional attachment to the clubs. And why not? After all, clubs are here to hunt scores.

Many people have a misconception that to own good quality Vclubshop golf clubs, they need to spend a huge sum. But it’s not necessary to have an expensive set. What actually matters is to get a proper set. And nowadays, with advanced technologies, manufacturers are designing clubs in a way to help golfers play with more ease.

There are five types of golf clubs – woods, irons, wedges, hybrid woods and putters. Wood clubs are meant to make the ball cross a long distance down the fairway right towards the hole. In general, these clubs have large heads and long shafts in order to maximize club speeds.

Traditionally wood golf clubs were made from persimmon woods but since 1980’s manufacturers are opting for alternative materials like titanium, steel and carbon or scandium in recent times. Irons got their names like wise as these are usually made of cast irons. These have flat angled faces and are shorter in shaft length than that of woods. Iron golf clubs are Vclubshop crafted for shots taken from rough lies, over the tree shots or those played from the base of the hills.

Wedges are basically high-loft irons and are meant for a wide variety of high altitude, short distance and particularly high accuracy shots. These golf clubs are for attack shots, lay-up shots and chipping. Broadly there are four types of wedges, designed for specific shots of which lofts range from 48° to 60°. Hybrid clubs are basically used instead of either irons or woods. These are meant to combine long distance of woods and swings of irons. Putters are special types of golf clubs having lofts below ten degrees and designed to roll the balls along the spread of grass.

Before buying golf clubs, one has to check the parts i.e, Shaft, clubhead, loft, grip and ferrule. Shaft is one of the most essential considerations. Nowadays club manufacturers are using steel or graphite. Graphite shafts are light in weight and allow high swing of clubs whereas steel shafts are durable and less expensive.

For beginners, cast iron heads are better than forged ones since they are spotted to provide large sweet spot and can deliver more forgiving on accuracy. While choosing golf clubs, one should consult a club professional as there is no universal design that Vclubshop suits for all. What would be right for your partner may not be so for you. Also there is a gender factor. Men’s clubs are usually I inch taller than women’s clubs.

Golf clubs’ prices vary a great deal. Top of the line iron sets range from $700 to $1200 while high grade putters and drivers range between $300 and $600. But for a beginner it’s not always required to start with a new set of golf clubs. In certain garage sales, one can pick up full set of clubs at cheap prices.

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