How to Give Your Partner the Best AtHome Massage Ever

The first thing you need to do is choose the right place for the massage. You should ensure you have adequate lighting and ask your partner which type of pressure they prefer. Next, learn your basic massage strokes so you know what pressure to use. After all, you are giving your partner a massage and they will most likely be impressed.

Ask your partner about their pressure preferences.

Before giving your partner a erotic massage London, ask them what pressure level they prefer. This will help you decide which strokes to use. For example, if your partner is afraid of having his or her neck pressed, you can try kneading instead. This will allow you to avoid causing pain to your partner’s neck.

When giving a massage to your partner, be sure to use the right massage oil. A neutral carrier oil works best, but you can also use essential oils. Make your bedroom feel like a spa. This will help you to eliminate electronic distractions. Also, be sure to turn off the cell phone. You should also ask your partner about the pressure that feels best on their body, because they may prefer a softer touch.

Start with the feet and work your way up to the upper body. You can also use your palms to put pressure on your partner’s head and chest around the heart. When massaging, remember to take deep breaths. A gentle massage can help your partner unwind.

Once you have selected the right pressure levels, slide your fingers down your partner’s back and over his or her shoulder blades. You can also gently slide your fingers up and down his or her leg while pressing against each other. You can also use your fingers and make circles around the ankle bones. Lastly, rub their foot with your palms in a circular motion from the front of their foot to the bottom of the foot. Repeat this technique with the other leg.

A massage table is essential for any at-home massage. You should cover the table with a towel or a soft sheet. While the massage is in progress, be sure to use pillows under the head to prevent an arching back. To avoid twisting your neck, place pillows under your chest and neck.

Learn your fundamental strokes

You need to be familiar with the basics of massage strokes to give your partner the best at home body massage. Different massage techniques work for different people. It is important to get to know your partner before you begin massaging. Some people prefer a gentle, relaxing touch while others prefer a vigorous, deep back massage. Your massage will be more enjoyable and comfortable if you ask your partner what kind of massage they prefer.

Don’t apply too much pressure when massaging your partner. The massage should be gentle, yet firm. Do not press too hard on your partner’s back. Also, be gentle and careful not to squeeze their delicate parts. Try to avoid massaging thin muscles, as these are prone to bruises. Likewise, avoid massaging the elbows, knees, and shoulders.

Massaging your partner should be done slowly and in an even manner. You’ll want to start at the chest, shoulders, and back. You can also massage the erogenous zones of the body. The massage should be done for at least five minutes.

Before you start massaging, make sure the room is warm. To reduce friction, you’ll need plenty of massage oil. Just make sure not to use too much oil, as too much will leave your partner feeling greasy. Remember to give and receive the massage in turn.

Massage techniques can seem intimidating if you aren’t a professional masseur. But those who have given massages know that there is a set of basic strokes that will help you do a better job. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, massages can be a great way to reconnect with your partner and improve your partner’s health.

After you’ve learned the basic strokes, you can now move on to the more elaborate parts of your massage. You can start by massaging your partner’s lower body. You can start by kneading your partner and using long, smooth strokes. Make sure you apply pressure along the “T” junction, where the heel meets the toe.


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