Being a cat owner, you need to make sure you give your pet the best cat food you can. Ideally you would feed your pet with premium cat food so as to keep it healthy and pleased. There is now a wide selection of good dry cat foods available such as Hill’s light cat food, Royal Canin or Blue cat food. These all have a restricted amount of calories and fat, with the proper amounts of fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals to keep your cat on the healthy side while it’s putting off weight. They also have the advantage of being easy to measure and monitor the exact quantity your pet gets. It is well worth trying several different brands and flavors for your feline. Even choosing a cat food in gravy or jelly can make a difference. Whichever cat food your pet prefers make sure it is a decent quality cat food as some cheap cat foods do not offer the recommended amount of nutrients for your cat’s health.

2.Monitor your cat’s behavior

Although in some rare cases the vet handles life and death illnesses, the majority of cat diseases and ailments are insignificant. A good way to determine when your pet is ill or needs medical care, is by monitoring its behavior. The cat’s behavior is instrumental in diagnosing its health condition. If your cat refuses to eat, is being sleepy, subdued or inactive, it’s time to rush it to the vet. Also, pay careful attention to its coat. A dull and patchy coat or excessive shedding should also raise an alarm. Get in touch with your vet immediately!

3.Identify symptoms on time

Even with minor ailment, diarrhea and vomiting can sometimes occur. However, do talk to your vet if your cat is having one of these two symptoms for longer than a day. maine coon kittens for sale near me Coughing is not uncommon either as cats force out hairballs this way. Should your feline be coughing for a different reason, seek veterinarian care as soon as you can.

4.Keep your cat’s vaccinations up to date

Keep your cat up to date with all its vaccinations to protect it from different illnesses. Feline distemper and rabies are some of the diseases you want to vaccinate your pet against. Although feline distemper is easy to prevent, it is one of the deadliest illnesses to strike a cat. There’s little time to get medical care as the disease is very quick in hitting the little animal. Proper vaccinations can also prevent feline leukemia, another devastating illness. The diseases can be spread very fast amongst cats, while not affecting humans. Although vaccinations against feline leukemia are now available, it is advisable to keep your cat away from other cats who have the disease.

5.Prevent cat worms

Worms is another widespread issue amongst outdoor felines. Worm symptoms include the lack of appetite and a dull coat. Hookworm and ringworm are some of the common sorts of worms out there. Lice, fleas or even the body parts of dead rodents cats eat, can all be a source of worms. Eggs which the pet has consumed will mature and in turn cling to the walls of its intestines. A good way to guard your cat against worms is adding garlic to its cat food on a regular basis.

If you want to have a healthy cat for a long time, treat it well. Take it to the vet for regular checkups and ensure you feed it Regular vaccination would safeguard it from various illnesses ans pests. Look after your cat now and you will have more peace of mind further down the road…

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