If you are a student or a teacher and require a calculator that will suit all you’re needs in complex calculations then you should consider using the HP 40 GS Graphing calculator. Not only is this calculator specifically designed for educative purposes, but its beautiful and sleek exterior has really scored high on the looks front. Students and teachers will find this specifically helpful because of the CAS which is the Computer Algebra System that makes solving difficult of calculations easy.  The CAS is built into the HP 40gs Graphing calculator for easier manipulation when it comes to numeric problems that need to be solved. Because of the CAS which makes sure that all arithmetic as well as calculus functions are solved with the utmost ease because of the existence dynamic symbolic manipulation that works along with the numeric solving ability.

If you thought that this was all then you should take a look at their customization that allows its students and teachers to create applets according to their mathematical and calculus needs. Infact the programming of these applets are very simple, and you can create equations and formulas that will help you in learning history that is interactive. The creation of custom applets helps ease of interaction with data you can review its sketch capabilities with ease as well. Students and teachers can not only resolve the normal calculus and arithmetic problems but the calculator also resolve science problems, trigonometry, which is all possible because of its CAS.

Students who are loaded with activities like calculus, general  math, algebra, pre-math, statistics, trigonometry, geometry, chemistry, Biology, earth science, physics and much more. If you want to store any of the custom applets that you have created you can do so because of the calculators 256KB memory space. You can even share all of you calculations and data easily. This calculator was created keeping in mind the current technological requirements and hence the HP 40gs Graphing calculator can easily be connected to your PC.  This makes it easy if you have to present your calculation or projects by editing it or using it as a reference calculation in your presentation. The HP graphing calculator is very sturdy since it has a cover which can be slid over the screen and keys; which ensures that it is well protected.

The display screen resolution of the calculator is 131 x 64 pixels which make it easier to read information that is shown on its wide screen. If you want to update its Calc BIOS in the near future, this calculator has the provision to do so. Another important feature of this HP graphing calculator that makes it an excellent instrument to tackle even the toughest of problems is the 600+ functions that are built into the system.  You can also use the preloaded applet for its Linear Solver, Finance, and Triangular Solver that will help you get answers to all of your queries. Open Calculator

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