WoW Schools is a WoW leveling guide that contains educational courses that tackles all subjects relating to World of Warcraft. This was once a private training facility for professional gamers but is now available to the general gaming community online. WoW Schools has been in the business of instructing students everything about World of Warcraft since 2004.

The person who made and developed WoW Schools is John Hunter who is known as a professional and avid WoW gamer as well as a teacher. Included among his noteworthy accomplishments is the fact that he has at least one gold cap character. He created what has been reputed as an excellent gold cap course known as WoW Schools Gold Cap Course. This course is not plainly one gold guide course or another gold strategy book but one that is considered as the foundation of becoming an expert in gold making. John Hunter’s Course is a course that furnishes WoW gamers with the basics of understanding and comprehending the skill of gold making. This is very crucial if one wants to be very experienced in accumulating gold and ultimately achieving the gold cap. The WoW Schools is in fact the primary basis of the information contained in most of the WoW gold guide books whose authors took the course.

John Hunter’s Gold Cap Course, is a gold guide course that is organized in a step by step process with detailed and definite suggestions on the strategies and techniques on how to make more gold at whatever amount of gold you presently possess. So if you are having difficult time in your goal to amass huge amounts of gold, it would be wise to learn this course. Primarily, what this course instructs a player is how to get the gold cap, which stands at the present moment at 214,748 gold.
John Hunter’s guide will also instruct a player on how to use in-game addons that will help them with their strategies. John Hunter’s WoW Schools will further teach a player on how to use this addons to its full potential.

John Hunter will also teach a WoW gamer how to get from 0 to 100 gold in less than 1 hour of played time. In just 7 detailed lessons, the course starts from absolutely 0 gold and brings a player to gold cap.

John Hunter’s Gold Cap Course will also teach you how to reach from 1,000 to 20,000 gold in a matter of weeks by logging in for 20 minutes a day. If you prefer to get the said amounts faster, you can spend a longer period of playing time.


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