The OSHA 10 program was developed by OSHA (The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to educate the US workforce on best practices for safety on the job. The majority of people who take this online course take it for construction safety. Workers should be careful in selecting an online 10 hour program. Many providers offer the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course, but they have varying degrees of quality. In addition, workers need to make sure that OSHA has reviewed the online course and has accepted it for online availability.

Look for the “OSHA ACCEPTED” logo

OSHA has strict requirements for online providers to be able to offer the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course. The course has to follow the OSHA outline, be submitted for approval and be continually updated for new requirements. Additionally, OSHA does not allow the words “approved” or “recommended” to be used with any of the online courses. The only wording they allow is “OSHA Accepted.” This means they have reviewed the content and will issue a 10 hour card for completing the online version. Certificates of Completion for OSHA Accepted courses are typically accepted at a course in miracles job sites as well.

The OSHA 10 Card

There are 2 acceptable items used as proof of completion of the 10 hour construction course, the 10 hour card and a Certificate of Completion from an accepted provider. People that take the online version of the 10 hour class receive the same card as taking the live class. In addition, immediately after completing the online course, workers are able to print a certificate of completion. This is especially valuable for workers that need to earn the card immediately, to begin a job.

The Actual Online Course

The quality of online OSHA 10 hour construction courses varies greatly among providers. Workers should look for ones that allow you to start immediately, contain relevant photos and graphics and should be voice narrated. When considering a course, look for the opportunity to view a demo, this will give you the chance to see the look and feel of the course and see if it’s right for you.

If there is not an easily identifiable way to access a demo, this is usually a sign the provider does not want you to experience the course before purchasing. Stay away from these types of courses.

Approval of Providers for the OSHA 10 hour Construction Course

As mentioned earlier, OSHA has very stringent requirements for providers of the online 10 hour course. For online versions, the provider must:

– Follow a strict outline for topics

– Submit the course to OSHA for acceptance

– Regularly change the course, for new requirements

– Have a way to ask questions of an OSHA approved trainer

OSHA 10 Hour Online Training Course Summary

Selecting the proper online version of the 10 hour training course for construction safety is critical for workers to get the most out of taking the course online. Make sure you look for the “OSHA Accepted” logo, and find a course with voice narration and the ability to easily view a demo of the course to make sure the online course is right for you. Taking the OSHA 10 hour course online is an excellent way for workers to meet the training requirement.


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