How do you feel about marketing on the internet? Is it something that is tough or complex for you to do? Have you spent endless amounts of money on courses and eBooks that you’re just looking for a real way to make money online? If so, then you should know that you can make money with ANY online business opportunities… the thing that will make you profitable is your marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter what you sell. If you can’t get traffic or get people to sign up for your free email newsletter, how do you expect to make money when it comes to offering people something that costs something? This is something that you need a good answer to. Some people ignore this fact, and because of it, their business doesn’t succeed.

To make money online, you need to make “internet marketing” your number 1 priority. If you sell eBooks, physical products, affiliate products, or even services… you won’t get 1 measly sale if you don’t focus on getting people to your website. And it takes a lot of work. Now you can easily negate this with paid advertising, but when the funds run out, so does your traffic.

There is a debate of whether paid advertising is better than free advertising, and vice versa. My position on this point is that you should use both. But if your advertising budget isn’t large, kompostownik z palet I would suggest advertising on pay per click search engines (like Google AdWords), and pay $0.10 cents on each click that you get.

This way you don’t risk it all, and you can get a reliable number of sales each and every month from this medium alone. I personally do more free advertising than paid advertising. With paid advertising such as PPC, you could easily get into a bidding war with another advertiser, and you will end up paying way more than you can afford. So instead of at least breaking even, you’re LOSING lots of money on each sale.

Can you imagine losing money on each sale? Depending on your loss, and prices of your follow up products… it could probably take you around 2 or 3 more sales JUST to break even and recoup your investment when advertising to your prospect. This is why I don’t put much stock into paid advertising. Free advertising is sufficient, and is something that can bring you endless traffic forever without any more work for you.

Now while free advertising is effective, it can sometimes take a long while to work. But if you’re promoting your product or service on a site like YouTube, you may be able to see immediately hits to your videos and your websites altogether. This is the power of free marketing, and I think YouTube is a medium that can get you a ton of sales in a short period of time.

The more you work at your business, the more it’ll be likely to succeed. If you don’t remember anything from me, just keep that previous sentence in mind.

Good luck with using these tips to promote your business effectively today.


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