There are various types of kisses and we employ each depending on who we kiss. However, for couples who are in an intimate relationship, we can never under estimate the value of kissing. A kiss can fuel up an otherwise boring relationship. It can actually stimulate desire and usually acts as an antecedent to a sexual encounter.

Nonetheless, there are still many people today who don’t really know how to kiss properly; kissing with passion and with that energy that will sweep the person you’re kissing, off her feet. Considering the importance of a passionate kiss, you should learn the basic tips on how to kiss passionately. So, whether you’re just starting to get to know the person or already into a relationship, you must take note of these tips. You must learn how to give a kiss that will leave the receiver in no doubt as to the intensity of your feelings and make them crave for more of your kiss.

First of all, you must be well-groomed for the event. This means that if you intend to kiss someone passionately, you must have a clean and fresh-smelling mouth. Who would want to kiss someone with bad breath and tartar-stained teeth? Add that to lips which are rough, an unkempt mustache and you will surely turn away any chances of kissing. So you should better brush and floss; apply some moisturize to your lips to make it soft and supple.

When intending to kiss someone passionately, you must time it right or else you will miss the chance of making it happen as you intended it to be. Don’t just jump right into the kissing scene without any prelude. Develop the exhilaration and thrill so that the receiver of the kiss will anticipate the moment as much as you do. Looking deep into the eyes of your partner and candidly locking your gaze at her lips would leave no room for doubt as what you’re definitely planning to do. You can then lower your head to her and surreptitiously take a taste of her lips by placing your lips against hers. Don’t go directly into inserting your tongue into her mouth or lapping wet kisses all over her lips. The key to initial kissing should be slow, sensuous rhythm. Build up the tempo and the desire as you go from slow as if testing the waters, to a more explorative pace and finally to the torrid, uninhabited passionate lip-locking.

Passionate kissing involves the emotions and the mind itself. You can never truly experience a passionate kiss unless you are in it 100%. This means, when you start gazing into her eyes and initiates the kiss, you stop thinking about everything else, besides the kiss. Let yourself feel every emotion and excitement of the moment by being there, by living every seconds of the kiss. You should not be thinking about anything else EXCEPT for the kiss and the one you are kissing.

To kiss someone passionately, you do not have to use 918kiss download your mouth and lips alone. You can enhance the sensation and the whole orgasmic feeling by involving your whole self, from your hands to your whole body. Caress her hair, her face, neck, arms and body with your hands as you slowly nibble on her lower lip. Slowly entice her to open her mouth to you as you plant small kisses on the side of her lips going to the middle of her lower lips. You can boost the passion in her by planting kisses at the nape, her neck, her earlobes and even at her wrist. Kissing actually is not limited to the mouth area. It also includes finger sucking and licking. Fingers have a lot of nerve endings and kissing these parts can trigger sensors that heighten the person’s arousal.


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