Semi trucks are the workhorses of America, and the workhorses of your RC project. No matter what your radio control setup is, you’ll need a fleet of semi trucks to do the heavy hauling to service that community. And the services the semis provide are strap

Consider this partial list of things your semi trucks can do for you:


  • Car hauler.
  • Helicopter hauler.
  • Semi-tow truck.
  • Fire truck
  • Garbage truck.
  • Crane truck.
  • Motorcycle hauler.
  • ATV hauler.
  • Racecar hauler.
  • Semi-monster truck.


Your car haulers bring in the new models, and drop them off at the car dealer where the neighborhood does its new car shopping. Strap a load of helicopters to the flat bed, and transport them to your airport to give tours, fly rescue missions, and report on city traffic.

The heavy-duty semi tow truck moves disabled vehicles out of traffic, and to your local mechanic facilities.

The big fire trucks scream to burning homes and businesses to get the fire under control and protect the neighboring buildings. Use the extending ladders to rescue people from upper floors. Put out the flames with working water cannons.

Garbage trucks keep the city clean by hauling the trash to the dumpsite.

Crane trucks work the job site, lifting the construction materials to the waiting workers to use for erecting the tall structures.

Motorcycle haulers carry your racing machines to the track in time for that big competition. And they haul your dirt bikes to the off road rallies for a day of biking fun.

All terrain vehicle haulers transport your ATVs to the beach and sand dunes for cruising and racing.

The race car hauler delivers your open wheel and stock cars to the track for the next racing event.

The semi monster trucks give you hours of fun running off road competitions. Take to the desert for dirt racing, go hill climbing and splashing through bogs. Hit the track for some big truck racing excitement.

Semi trucks give you a variety of hauling playtime, and they bring the excitement of monster truck rallies, racing, and mudding too.

Collect a variety of semi truck models, and plan activities to take care of a whole radio control city. Make a list of ideas for all the things you can do with semi trucks.

With a fleet of remote control semi trucks you’ll have RC trucking action to last for years.



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