Resource Management Software Should Be Tailored to Your Business – Not the Other Way Around

Software solutions have a tendency to promote how useful they are and highlight all their benefits; however one never knows the challenges they will face from their new software. One common problem many companies face is, despite all that is promised, the design of a lot of software suits only a certain type of work, industry or organisation. This means that a lot of company’s have to adjust their business in order to use their software properly. It is no different in resource management software.

So what does software look like when it’s designed not only with intelligence to solve resource management problems, but also designed with intuition so that the software suits each flavour of business?

Manage resources the way you want
Resource management software should allow companies to manage their workers on different terms. This could be mainly as contractors or as casual workers, or it could be longer term employees. It should also allow managers to allocate work in a variety of ways depending on their business, which could be based on days, shifts, weeks, months, quarters or whatever is relevant. resource management services 

Software tailored to the different users in your company
Your resource management software should also define user portals for different users based on their role in your organisation. This could be different portals for junior staff, senior staff, resource managers, executive managers, where each user has different levels of access and functions that are appropriate according to their role. For example a junior member of staff will only be able to access information on what jobs or shifts they’ve been booked on and their time sheets, whereas a resource manager would have most administrative rights and access to search available resources, jobs and book employees.

Customised to employees whether are in the office or on the move
It is important to acknowledge that some businesses have mobile workers always out on the field, whilst others have workers on secondment in other parts of the world, and yet other companies have their employees always in the one office. Hence it is important that software is appropriately connected to a network or the internet, which enables workers to access their resource schedules regardless of what part of the world they’re in.

Configured to interface to your existing software for easy use
It is important that all new software you buy can be fitted into your existing business, instead of your existing business having to fit around the new software. This means that the resource management software should be able to interface with existing software, so that data can be easily transferred, making the software complementing instead of excluding.

Pay only for what you intend to use
Finally if software is customisable, you should only pay for what you use, not for features that are of no use to you.

Hence the final question becomes, where can you find resource management software that is configurable and will be tailored to your business? SAVIOM Resource Management Software is a great example of such software. Companies of different types and sizes around the world are using SAVIOM to manage their scarce resources.

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