Before retirement, I had franchised mobile car washing units in some 23 states serving 450 cities. Interestingly enough, there are some states which are pretty much a pain in the butt to do business, and then there are states which are a pleasure to do business, generally the difference is due to the rules regulations and the customers themselves. Alabama is one of those states which is fun to do business, and some of the cities are spectacularly pleasing. Okay so, let’s talk about this for a moment shall we.

Mobile Alabama has personality, soul, and it has energy. It is definitely a fun place to do business. Some areas and sides of town are somewhat economically depressed, and that’s unfortunate, but there is a good amount of labor supply in those areas, and the folks are willing to work hard, and they enjoy cleaning cars. Who wouldn’t enjoy driving around and detailing cars and cleaning cars at office buildings outside all day? It’s a fun profession.

In the downtown area there are big parking structures, and surrounding Mobile Alabama are very nice middle-class neighborhoods to do business. The downtown parking structures are nice in the larger office buildings, it is not too difficult to get a concession and therefore secure the parking structure of a building with an exclusive contract for all of the tenants.

One of the challenges in Mobile Alabama perhaps is the weather issue. the wintertime it rains often, and in the spring and summer, as we all know they are challenged with tropical storms and the occasional hurricane. Meanwhile in the summer it is hot and sticky, which makes work a little tough.

There are some very well-to-do areas which turn out to be really good places to work and derive additional business. For instance the upper-end area in Daphne over the bridge, very nice, very regulated, and lots of auto detailing customers. Not to mention boats and yachts to clean up. But washing and detailing is a good business, and there is lots of it. When the weather is poor, a mobile car wash operator may be able to use their pressure washer to clean sidewalks, tourist areas, and even storefronts.

All in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Mobile Alabama a solid eight of the best places to do mobile auto detailing and mobile car washing here in the US. Therefore, if you are considering starting your own business of this type in Alabama, you might wish to look into the Mobile area, and give it some good thought. Please consider all this and think on it.

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