As the number Techwear Style of female motorcyclists continues to increase, it stands to reason that there is an increased need for ladies leather motorcycle jackets. And fortunately for the ladies, there is lots of variety available to them–allowing them to not only be well-protected, but to look good in the process.

Regarding the safety aspect, ladies leather motorcycle jackets are not much different from men’s. This is as it should be, because an objective analysis shows that women ride their bikes just as fast and aggressively as men do. This means they need the same level of protection that the male riders need. So the main protective element in men’s jackets is also in female’s. That element is the thickness and the padding of the jacket. A leather jacket protects you because it covers the vulnerable upper body with thick animal-skin. As a result, if your bike ever takes a spill, you’re not as likely to tear your skin–if the jacket holds up.

Because safety is the most important thing with your motorcycle jacket, you need to first check the quality of the jacket’s stitching. Look for evidence that some stitches have been dropped. One or two dropped stitches is not cause for alarm, but if you see this repeatedly, this is a sure sign that proper quality-control procedures were not followed. You’d be smart to look elsewhere. Stitching is important, because it will hold the jacket together in the event of a severe impact. Therefore it should be uniform throughout the jacket.

Another consideration when you’re buying your jacket is the material it’s made of. For instance, you can buy cowhide, pig hide, even something exotic like goat or ostrich skin. Another material consideration is whether you’re buying genuine leather or imitation leather. It’s true that many imitation-leather jackets look as good as the real thing, but they won’t protect you as well.

Once you’ve considered material and quality of the jacket, you can start thinking about style options. Many women prefer a jacket that has some fashion pizazz to it. This will allow it to become a multipurpose jacket–It can be used either on the bike or worn around town.

There are many style choices for the woman. She can choose full cut or one fitted to her body. She can buy a standard motorcycle jacket or go with a bomber or racing style jacket. She can select snap-up, button-up, zip-up, and even Velcro. There are even many choices in color: black, brown, red, white, and other colors are available.

So where does the woman shop for her motorcycle jacket? A couple of options are obvious: either at a local leather retailer or at a shop that specializes in biking accessories. More women, though, are choosing to find and buy their jacket online. This allows them a greater variety and the ability to shop while researching the product–and without pressure from a sales agent. It’s also easier to find name brands you trust, such as Icon, when you’re shopping online. And many online retailers have more inexpensive offerings than the local stores.

Ladies leather motorcycle jackets are a burgeoning market for a reason: They’re stylish and they keep you safe while riding (and protected from the elements, whether on a bike or off). Just do your research and make sure you’re getting a jacket worth the money you’re paying.

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