Cómo estás hoy? Last week, I wouldn’t have had any idea that that means “How are you today?”, and today I am even able to say it! That’s because I did some looking around, and found the best learn to speak Spanish course around. I found it on the Internet last week when I was messing around online. After only a week, I can see how this software became the best learn to speak Spanish course. It was easy to install and set up, and each lesson seems to mold itself to just what I need. I had been thinking about learning a second language for a while, and now I think Esta es la mejor aprender a hablar español por supuesto! And for those who haven’t taken the course, what I said is that this is the best learn to speak Spanish course! How cool is that?

Voy a ser fluido en español pronto! And after I have mastered the language, I’m going to ask out that cute latina that lives across the way. So far, every time I try to talk to her, she just smiles that pretty smile and shakes her head, and then says something I can’t understand. But that’s over now, because I found the best learn to speak Spanish course, and I used it. I can see it now, walking right up and blowing her mind when I ask her out in her own language. And after I wasn’t able to do it just a few days ago! I am so psyched! I think that trying the best learn to speak Spanish a course in miracles  course in the world was the smartest move I ever made. It used pictures and sounds to demonstrate the meaning of words, let me me take the lessons in an order that suited me, and so many other great things. I know it sounds silly, but I really enjoyed learning the language.

Oh wow! I just came up with the greatest idea! Once I’ve finished the best learn to speak Spanish course, I can take that girl to the new Mexican place that opened last week, El Castillo de la Cocina Mexicana. I hear it’s a 4 star restaurant, and the staff and menus are all 100% Spanish. She is going to be so impressed when I order our dinner fluently, I bet I will win her over on just that one date! And all because I stopped goofing off long enough to do something practical for myself. I only wonder why I waited so long to do it.


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