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Keeping your home cooler in the summer and heated in the winters can become an expensive chore if you are entirely depending upon your HVAC system. Heated and chilled air will walk down into your living space and make the environment cold or hot during the particular seasons that will require extra working by the HVAC and results in sky-mounting 拉帶柱 power consumption bills. A Radiant barrier insulation is the preferred way that can prevent excessive heat in the attic of your home and can keep the environment comfortable throughout the year along with money saving. The aluminum foil layers of radiant barriers will bounce back the heat out of your house to provide you with a comfy living environment.

The radiant barrier technology is an added advantage that you can get through the insulation project. A professional contractor will serve you with insulation of the upper floor to prevent the heated air flow and to prevent the moisture build-up inside the building. Radiant barriers come with the capability to reflect the heat that is entering into the house as these barriers are consists of aluminum foil that will not let the heat enter into your house and also seal the cool air exhaust during summer days and work opposite throughout the winters.

Having excess humidity inside your home can also cause several problems if ignored for a long time as it can cause the growth of mold spores and can make the environment humid. Living in an environment that is contaminated with mold growth can lead to several health illnesses so it is vital to scrutinize the need for the radiant barrier insulation in order to prevent hot air or moisture from entering into your home. This type of insulation will stop the excess moisture build-up inside your dwelling and can reduce the chances of mold growth to a significant extent.

An improperly insulated or non-insulated home has more chances to emit harmful particles in the air that can cause skin infections, eye irritation, and respiratory diseases. A radiant barrier is a modern form of insulation that is more effective and useful than conventional insulation as it does not emit the harmful particles to mix in the air inside your home when you use it on the attic of your residential building.

R-value is an important measure that tells how a layer of insulation resists the conductive flow of heat. A radiant barrier is a smart technology that can add R-value to your home insulation to increase its energy-efficient potential by reflecting the heat to keep your house cool and by reflecting the cold to maintain proper heat inside the building. You can use it for attic, walls, ceilings, and basement of your house to reap the full benefit and to ensure that you are living inside a comfortable space. A radiant barrier will prevent excessive heat build up in your attic.

The idea of having better security for efficient manpower utilization comes true when it is aided with the automation technology. At work places, in organisations – the management of human resources is being efficiently handled by implementing the fast developing concept of entrance security automation across the segments belonging to wide range of industrial sectors.

One such vertical is Parking barrier which are also used as security barriers for the parking lots as well as at main entry and exit points for ensuring the vehicle being not left unattended at the time of entering or leaving the premises. To make these barriers work intelligently, RFID readers are integrated as an optional peripheral device which comprises of readers, controllers as well as RFID tags which work in parity with the computer based software or hand held devices allowing the management to monitor and verify the movement of the registered vehicles.

Hom Automation Pvt. Ltd. have been automatic boom barrier manufacturers in Delhi since the year 1993 in India. It was the era when these boom barriers used to be very simple and mechanical in nature- operated manually with the release of rope tied at one end of the boom being comprehended at the other end by an equivalent weight acting as a counter balance.

The assurance of availability of spare parts is a very critical factor which must be considered while selecting the brand for one’s need as the product will stay serviceable unless the spares are available. HOM Automation prides itself in assuring it’s clients of making these parts available upto a period of fifteen years from the date of manufacture which provides an extra edge in this era of competition.

HOM Automation Parking Barriers are engineered to manage vehicular access for all types of residential as well as commercial premises, as security has become a major concern in present era. These barriers are manufactured to meet the 100 % duty cycle as their drive mechanism is designed to operate in an encapsulated module which is oil filled – to ensure minimum wearing of the mechanical parts while being operated at sites with high frequency of operations. HOM offers a wide range of boom barriers for various site requirements ranging from Toll Booths to high security installations like Banking and Hotel industry. The HOM range of boom barriers are designed to last upto a period of 15 years.

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