Why You Should Copyright Your Business Card Designs


The value of a business can be calculated in a few different ways. Some would assign a value based on how much revenue a business brings on, though how much they spend on business expenses may add a new wrinkle to that equation. Deducting expenses from revenue can show you how profitable the business is, although suffice it to say that some of the biggest companies in the world haven’t earned any profit because of the fact that they keep reinvesting and expanding their operations!

Another way in which you can assign a reasonable value to a company is by looking at the property it owns. This will include machines that the business uses for manufacturing, but you should remember that intellectual property is also something that should be taken into account. The reason behind this is that a business’s IP may be a core component of its sales, and something as simple as the design for their Metal Cards might need to be preserved as well to prevent others from copying them and using them to steal customers in an underhanded manner.

Any business that wants to keep selling a lot of products needs to at the very least think about copyrighting its business card design. Failing to do so may result in widespread gimmickry, and it would be difficult to justify any other decisions if that were to occur. There will always be competitors who would want to get a piece of the pie by stealing your ideas, and copyrighting them gives you the right to take them to court if you discover that they are doing that which can provide you with compensatory damages.

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